What’s It All About?

The Cook-off for the Coast celebrates the bounty of Southeast Louisiana and raises awareness about coastal restoration

Millions of migratory waterfowl throughout the Mississippi and Central flyways use the warm Louisiana marshes annually as winter or stopover grounds. Coastal Louisiana offers the largest catch of redfish and world-class opportunities for speckled trout and bass—but this Sportsman’s Paradise is rapidly vanishing, especially in the Mississippi River Delta.

The Mississippi River Delta, which formed over thousands of years, is collapsing. Since the 1930s, Louisiana has lost about 1,900 square miles of land into open water and the coastline continues to disappear at a rate of one football field every 100 minutes. As the delta disappears, so does the critical wildlife habitat and natural protection it provides to coastal communities. This is a conservation crisis of national importance.

The productivity of our region is reliant on a range of habitats–from the freshwater swamps that are home to alligators and crawfish to intermediate and brackish marshes where ducks, catfish and largemouth bass live and where crabs and shrimp start their life cycles. Without coastal restoration, we will continue to lose our estuary to the Gulf of Mexico and, with it, all the bounty that it brings to our kitchens and tables.

Robust, large-scale restoration projects, along with coastal protection and community resilience measures, are our best solutions for reducing land loss, and protecting our communities, our culture and the diversity of ecosystems that provide so much of the food we love.

Cook-Off for the Coast raises money for local restoration projects in St. Bernard Parish while celebrating all that the Louisiana’s wetlands have to offer. Come to the Cook-Off to learn more about coastal restoration in Louisiana and find out how you can get more involved.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As we continue to fight for a more sustainable coast we are also committed to working towards a more sustainable future on all levels. This year at Cook-Off for the Coast be on the lookout for composting and recycling cans. All service items given out by cook teams will be compostable and we are asking for your help in making sure we reduce our landfill bound waste at the Cook-Off by making sure everything ends up in the right cans. We would also like to encourage you to bring your reusable water bottle to fill up at our water stations and help us reduce the amount of single-use plastics (although you will be able to purchase bottled water if needed). Help us make the Cook-Off for the Coast a zero waste event! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cook-Off Partners

The Cook-off for the Coast is hosted by Saint Bernard Parish Coastal Division, St. Bernard Parish Tourism, Meraux Foundation, Vanishing Paradise and Restore the Mississippi River Delta.